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A well-known adage is, “You eat with your eyes first”, and an important factor is the tableware you use. We aspire to deliver a Royal dining experience, at home.
Since time immemorial the royal kitchens of the mighty palaces of India have whipped up delicacies served in adorned golden tableware.

Style No: 15283

Vanras brings to you, a porcelain version of exclusive tableware, made from the finest of clays (100% Vegetarian and free of any animal bone ash) decorated with 22K gold trims, for a meal befitting a King!

Style No: 15520

Just as the kings and queens who have celebrated splendour and grandeur in the glorious past, the beauty of this spectacular set, inspires its guests today. The components of which are meticulously selected and developed to maximise the experience of a royal gourmet Indian meal.

Style No: 15258

Each set includes

Platter- 38 cm - 1 pc

Bread plate 23cm - 1 pc

Starter plate - 17cm - 1pc

Dal Bowl- 5pc

Condiment bowl - 2 pcs

Napkin ring - 1 pc