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History and Profile

Our company, Vanras was incorporated in 1996 with business activities of both Exports and Imports of garments and home accessories. In 2011, we expanded our operations into ceramics under the name “Keramikos”. Our products include Porcelain as well as Stoneware. Currently we are servicing both the Hospitality marker and the retail domestic market

Vision and Objective

The strategy and the measure of success of our company is based on one major objective, Customer Satisfaction. We have achieved this by continuously improving our products, with adaptability to market trends by being innovative and dedication to our customers.

While continuously improving every phase of our operations, by (we focus) focusing into the minute details to achieve perfection and providing special attention to our customers’ seeking personalized decorations – “send us your design and leave the rest to us”

Management team

Mr.Raghav Sharma (Director)

He is a Certified Professional Accountant from the United States of America, with over 7 years of experience with KPMG LLP, with specialized clients in both manufacturing and retail segments.  Due to his expertise in the retail segment he is able to capture the essence of the current market trends and forecast future vogue.

Mr.Raji Sharma (Director)

He is a successful entrepreneur carrying on the business tradition of 75 years and has a personal experience of 45 years in international trade.