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Edge Chipping

Vanras Porcelain is specially designed with reinforced edges in various products including plates, platters and certain bowls to prevent chipping Further it is our product has a higher alumina content which adds to the strength, durability and resistance of the product, thereby reducing risk of breakage and increasing the longevity.
Our product is tested for resistance to mechanical shocks of articles used in catering and Hospitality services where they are subjected to substantial and frequent shocks.
A pendulum impact testing machine is utilized which drops a hammer of mass on the rim of the crockery from various angles to determine its strength.


Our shapes focus on functionality. Most of the items are stackable including cups and bowls, which enables the most efficient use of space.

Translucency Appearance and vitrification

Porcelain is a pure clay product whose quality parameter for fineness of porcelain is judged by the translucency when held against a light source.

Vanras Porcelain utilizes the highest quality clay whereby the product is highly translucent.
The glaze fired at high temperatures not only gives our porcelain a smooth, clean finish, but also ensures that it becomes completely Vitrified (non-porous), guaranteeing higher levels of hygiene.

Thermal Shock endurance

Vanras Porcelain is resistant to variations in temperature and certified under British Standards.

Dishwasher Safe

Our porcelain is fired at high temperatures and special composition of the glaze making it highly resistant to repeated dish washing cycles except for certain decorations.

Microwave Safe

Vanras Porcelain products are microwave safe except for decorations of gold, platinum and other metallic colors.

Abrasion Proof

The glaze is fired under high temperature ensuring a stronger resistance to scratches or abrasions.